Thursday, May 27, 2010

Day 123 - My Friend Becky

Years ago when I was in my early twenties and a new Christian, I had a friend Becky. She was eight years older than me and had such a love for God and a personality so addicting. I would see her at church before I met her and wish to be her friend.

I think I appreciated her transparency in all things of life the most. She struggled and allowed all to see those struggles but she also loved and ministered just as fervently as she struggled and all the while - glorifying God in all things. We got together often and prayed much, cried much, and laughed much. She went on a short term mission trip and felt an instant calling to full time missions. Her husband did not go on the trip and was very happy right where they were in life ::: serving in our church, working a great job, being a dad, and being around family.

We started praying with some other women. We did a fasting chain (where we all fasted one day a week and prayed for one another). I had no idea what I was supposed to be doing with my life. I was in school but felt called to something more - even though I wasn't sure what that was. Becky prayed for God to give me clear direction on where to go to school and also for me a Godly husband. I prayed for Becky that God would DO something with this desire that was burning so deep in her heart for missions. Either change David's heart (her husband) or change hers. I remember sitting in her living room crying with her as she told me that she was not satisfied with all she had. All the furniture in her house, her occupation as a nurse, as a middle class mother (to three amazing kids - Susanna, Landry, and Bowden), her American dream.

David soon decided to go on a mission trip to South America. We prayed so hard that week he was gone. At this point Becky had started craving beans and rice constantly! It was hilarious. He called from the airport when he got to the states and said he was ready. It was amazing. Around this time I was accepted to Word of Life and was in the process of moving up there. Their house sold quickly and all their furniture was bought and given away. She had this red chair that was her devotion chair. I wish I had asked her for it. So many tears were shed there before God.

She wrote me while I was up at Word of Life. David had to take some seminary courses before they were able to go to South America, not a bad deal since the Southern Baptist do not make their workers raise support. Meanwhile I met and started dating Martin. I only saw Becky once or twice after I left for Word of Life.

But on the eve of my wedding she called me. She wasn't going to make it to my wedding because she was leaving for Mexico the day of my wedding. The two things we had prayed for, God had allowed them on the same day.

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