Sunday, May 9, 2010

Day 105 - Pictures!

I can't believe it's been two weeks since Aaron, Sonya and Braelyn came to visit! Wanted to post some pictures of their time here. I wish family lived close but I know it makes it that much more special when they come to visit!

Good family picture in front of our house and
can you tell Braelyn loves her daddy?
I was able to keep Braelyn the day before they left for a few hours while Aaron and Sonya went on a date. She knew they were leaving without her and the day they were leaving she was very curious if they would leave her again. Unfortunately, they took her with them.

It's funny to think all this child will ever know if life with a computer! She asked for "Melmo" (Elmo) so I turned it on for her. I'm pretty sure she could have done it herself.

Being Braelyn's favorite aunt, I wish I could say she looks like me but I think this picture shows that she is looking more and more like Sonya. I love her sweet smile!

A lady at work gave me some toys but I forgot about them. When I went down to the basement I found this horse. She loved it! It's a keeper.

She asked to get a her picture made with her favorite aunt and uncle. We obliged.

Laura got me a snuggie as a gag gift for Christmas. Braelyn loved it. She would pick it out of the blanket basket over the green polka-dot and red striped ones - that says a lot.

We spent the day in Lancaster. It was the first day it didn't rain but it was windy! We had a good time going through craft stores and walking and driving around.

So thankful they came and so sad they had to leave! Thanks for coming Aaron and Sonya and thanks for having an amazing little girl.

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