Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Chaos and Shambles!

I wish I could describe to you the chaos I am feeling right now. It's in my heart but it is because of all that is going on in my life. Oh please, don't think this is a deep post. Cause it's so not. It's more of a lets not cry over it but chuckle and move on post.

We just finished getting some things done in our house. We're doing the next step to our adoption and having the homestudy completed. And although we don't need to have quarter round trim put up to our molding where our hardwood meets it, I wanted it done. And the homestudy seemed like the time to do it. Makes sense right?

I mean why not get the quarter round trim put up all over our house and oh by the way, why don't we have them paint over our red in our living room and dining room and put up pretty wainscoting in the dining room and paint over the dark trim in the living room and dining room and paint some things in the family room and please, paint the steps too? Why not? And why not do it all the same week that I have finals and am starting Biology 101 again (it's of Satan, people). Why not? And oh, I'm sorry you need me to put everything in the middle of the room in every room? Sure no problem. I'm on it.

Now our walls look like this (with a another coat or two on the bottom, of course you know that, I just felt I needed to clear the air. You're welcome.):

And if you remember from a post back in the spring, our walls looked like this:

I'm super excited that we now have a safe color on the walls and trim. That way if we ever move or something crazy like that, we won't have to call someone in to paint because red is not every one's friend as I've learned on HGTV.

The guys are gone (except they have to come back tomorrow because they forgot to paint trim and our sliders in the family room) and our house is in shambles. SHAMBLES I tell you! Dust everywhere, furniture piled on everything, empty bookcases with bags and bags of books everywhere. It's just bad.

But add the shambles of the house and school together and you get COMPLETE CHAOS AND SHAMBLES! Here's the thing, I took my statistics final in the midst of dust and debris Tuesday night and I ran out of time. The short of the story is, the air conditioner wasn't working. I walked in the house after getting my hair did and instantly I looked like Ashely Judd in the movie A Time to Kill. You know, glistening with sweat. [It was about 459 degrees in New Jersey Tuesday.] Thankfully Martin fixed it. It was something mechanical. I ended up getting a 73.4 on the unfinished final. I've maintained an average of 83 to 86 all semester. And this test was 26% of my final grade. Well I now have a 79.6. That's right, FOUR tenths of a point away from a B. I'm on pins and needles waiting for my final grade. Will they round it up like they taught us in statistics? I mean they should. We should always practice what we preach even in math don't you think?

I'll keep you posted. I know you too will be on pins and needles.

And to top it off (I haven't talked about this in quite some time) I was going to the gym at 4:45 in the morning but I have recently stopped because my life is in SHAMBLES. My goal is to start back Monday morning. I love it when I'm there but I have to go to sleep at like 9 at night just so I feel rested.

And the one thing I keep saying to God is, You're making my life crazy so when the babies come I won't think it's so bad aren't You? He's so sweet. He loves those kids so much he doesn't want them to see their new mother have a breakdown.