Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Day 23 - Snow, Wainscoting, and Chalkboards

Okay, I've got pictures of life! Well. our life minus us. Below are some shots of the snow and our small kitchen renovations. I saw on HGTV where a family changed a wall in the kitchen into a chalkboard. I loved the idea and Martin took it a step further and added some wainscoting (which he is downstairs cutting the trim now) and we painted the chalkboard wall with magnetic paint so we can put fun magnets and pictures on the chalkboard (isn't that great?!?!).

Above and below are pictures of our house in the snow. The snow is about a quarter of what it was. On the roof of the porch the snow was well above halfway up the windows! And below the snow was over halfway up the light post. You can see our big piles of snow left over from our driveway that Martin spent hours shoveling. At least it was good exercise!

Okay, this is our small, fast, and hopefully non-frustrating kitchen renovation. After Martin finishes the trim I get to fill in the nail holes and caulk everything. Trim isn't easy - so my husband has displayed today. I guess you have to get the edges perfect or it looks really bad (to which I said, "that's okay - we'll just fill in the weird gaps with caulk!" To which he replied, "No." Oh well, I tried.). Below is the chalkboard magnetic wall. The wall isn't super magnetized. It can hold simple magnets with a piece of paper. I think it's just so cool! Can't wait to hang stuff and write on it.

Below is our phone! We wanted a silver phone and found that this phone was the only one that Target, Amazon, and Walmart sold online. Who had the cheapest price? Target! But I have free shipping with Amazon so we bought it from there because overall that was cheaper. Can't wait to see it on the wall.

Something Martin wants on our magnetic chalkboard is a "House To Do List." So I made one out with who is responsible for what beside each of the task. It's long and it will probably be time to start at the top again once we get to the bottom but hey - goals are good. He also wants to make an "Adopt a Baby To Do List" too. That one will take a bit more research.

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