Friday, February 12, 2010

Day 19 - Why Does He Have to be Invisible?

I'm thankful for the Holy Spirit. I am focusing on myself and He gently reminds me that life isn't about me. I am very consumed in feeling hopeless right now. But I am gently reminded that when I am feeling this way I am looking at the world through human lenses and not God lenses.

I find it so easy to look at myself and my circumstances (most of which I have put myself in) and not being able to see a way out. What foolishness! I serve an awesome God who wants to do over and above we can ever ask but I fall into the hearer of the Word and not the doer of the Word when it comes to things like this.

Here is what it comes down to: Glorifying my God through living a faithful life to my God is far greater than anything. Anything. Anything. Anything. Better than children? Yes. Better than being debt free? Yes. Better than being home in Tennessee? Yes. Better than my happiness? Yes. Better than anything.

I write this because I need to see it. I need to allow these words of truth to penetrate my soul like a slow rain on a thirsty soil. I don't want pouring rain because that doesn't give the soil enough time to absorb what it needs. I need a slow steady rain on my soul. I need to read them over and over and over again. Then live as if the words I write are true. Because His Word is better than life.

I am an extreme person. I am hot and cold. I am a rush or a wash-out. But a mature Christian is steady. Two steps forward, one back. This is what this journey is about. Becoming a consistent person for the glory of Christ. Repentance helps in that process just as well as being in the Word and praying. I am so fast to keep repentance out of the equation. Which is the most humbling of all three.

I was listening to the words of Andrew Peterson's song Invisible God and was just reminded that we serve a God we will never see but he puts it so perfectly:
And oh, I long to see your face, Invisible, Invisible God.
All the works that you have made are clearly seen
and plain as day, so mighty and tender.
Oh Lord, let me remember,
your power eternal,
your nature divine.
All creation tells the tale that Love is real and so alive.
I feel you, I hear you, Great God Unseen.
I see you in the long, cold death that the winter brings
and the sweet resurrection spring.

I have a feeling I will be reading Day 19 for years to come. At least I hope so.

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