Saturday, January 30, 2010

Day 6 - It's Just 30 Minutes or So!

I'm back to the subject of exercising. I got up this morning after sleeping in to the late hour of 8 AM and got on the elliptical before going downstairs. I put the t.v. on some stupid movie and did 30 minutes. I had no desire but I did it. It was just 30 minutes. I was going to be taking a shower today anyways so really, who cares if I get a light midst on me (I'm on my first week - there's not much sweat - and it's 15 degrees outside which means cold in the closed vent room)?

Today, Martin and I are heading up to the King of Prussia Mall. It's on the other side of Philly. There is a Norman Rockwell exhibit there and it's only $5 a person. The mall is HUGE so I'm sure we will have our afternoon filled with window shopping. We both have come to the conclusion that we don't need anything which makes it easy to go shopping with each other. We did our taxes last night and we're getting a nice chunk to put towards bills which means a little bit closer to adoption!

I'm almost through my first week of - a better me. I don't say that as if I am looking to myself but to God - it's all for Him. This all is. All 6 days. Feels great.

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