Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Day 3 - Hunger and Deserving Something

I'm kinda hungry. It's natural when you're eating less. I get home and my stomach is growling and I have to stay focused on fixing dinner so I won't go eating random things that I don't really like (like processed cheese - ew, but yeah, I eat it). I usually try to snack on a little something when my stomach growls but I don't want to waste calories on snacking when I'm spending time on a nice homemade meal!

Something that I've learned is, it's okay to be hungry. I'm not going to die. I'm not going to start gnawing on cardboard and my eyes aren't going to turn that crazy red. But as an American especially, I think that I deserve things. I deserve to have a full stomach. I deserve to grab something the minute my stomach makes a little sound.

I also do this outside of food. I deserve to have a night home by myself to do (usually watch) whatever I want. I deserve to drop a hundred bucks on scrapbooking stuff every once in a blue moon. I work hard for my money! But before I am an American (way before that actually) I am a child of the most high God. I was a slave to sin and now I am a slave to Christ. I deserve hell. That's all that I deserve. It's really that simple.

God has blessed me with so much but none of it is mine. Not even my gross processed cheese. It all belongs to God and I belong to Him. Everything including my time. So as I sit here at work, taking a little break, about to hit the "three o'clock wall" as we call it here at work, I am rejoicing for the clean water I have in my cup, my glasses that are sitting on my face, the health that is allowing me to be sitting here typing, and so so so much more. But it's not because I deserve it. It's because I know I don't deserve it. The hard thing is keeping that mindset. But I've made it to day 3. God is good.

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Sonya & Aaron said...

Hey Sarah! So glad you are pressing on one day at a time. I am so excited to see and hear all that God is going to do through your obedience. We are praying for you often!