Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Pizza Anyone?

A few days ago, okay yesterday JJ Heller (wife, mom, singer, songwriter, crafter, pizza maker) put a pizza recipe on her blog (which I will post a link at the bottom of this post). It sounded so yummy and tonight I stopped by the store and got the ingredients I didn't have at home and while Martin was off at the gym training for his half marathon (that he doesn't know he's not going to be allowed to run if I have anything to do with it - if you're confused by that then you can read this post and it will make sense).

Martin doesn't always love weird things so when he saw the little pizzas I made he was sceptical. But no worries, he not only ate his little pizza but also his little pizza I made him for lunch tomorrow (good thing he went running!).

Here are the pictures. I sure wish they were scratch and sniff! :::

Here is JJ's blog post with the recipe. One ball of pizza dough made four little pizzas. Amazing!

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