Thursday, September 30, 2010

Day 249 - A Bit of a Funk

If I can be honest, I'm in a bit of a funk.

On the last full day of vacation I always seem to start wanting to get home. I'm sad to leave where I am but there is a pull to go back home to normal. I'm usually tired of eating so much at dinner that I feel sick. I want to get back to the gym and work off the pounds that I've gained while enjoying myself. I want to get back to real life.

But then we got home and their is no food in the fridge, because why go grocery shopping for home before you leave for vacation???? We have to put everything away (Martin unpacked EVERYTHING this year. I am blessed!). Our first day back at work was so chaotic we were too tired to go to the gym (well, I went to the gym on Monday then realized I forgot my water bottle and towel - and they won't let you in unless you have both - so I returned home, defeated and didn't go back). Now it's Thursday and although we've done okay eating for most of our meals, we haven't had the best week back, when it comes to exercise.

I just wonder why it seems to take the next week after vacation to become normal again. But next week it won't be normal at all. Martin leaves Sunday night. He's headed for Indiana for two weeks of training and Christine's wedding is Saturday, October 9, and I am going to Lancaster for three days to celebrate that.

I was going to go home to Tennessee the next week but it's the first week of school for our second session at work and my boss asked if there was any way I could go another time.

It now looks like I now may go to Tennessee the last weekend in October and stay into the first week of November instead, while Martin goes to his new job's national conference in Arizona.

I say all of that to say - Maybe November will become normal again.

Oh, and we're broke. That always makes things fun and interesting. No matter how hard I plan and save for vacation we always seem to be broke when we come back. I've been writing a blog post about money but God keeps revealing so many idols in my heart about it - it's honestly very hard to finish.

Gotta get out of this funk and just realize - this could be our NEW NORMAL!

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