Thursday, September 2, 2010

Day 221 - Weight Loss Update

Okay, I've decided not to weigh until January.

This has made someone very upset (I will not mention who but I do happen to live with him and have been married to him for eight years.) Martin LOVES to weigh in. He's fascinated by the way the body works. He can got to bed and wake up three pounds smaller. He can take a shower and gain two pounds. I think he's nuts for weighing like he does but it works for him. I used to tell him he was obsessed but now I tell him he's crazy, but to each his own. It doesn't discourage him when he gains two pounds after a shower (does he drink the water? I don't know) and so far he has done an amazing job. This morning he weighed and has lost 17 pounds since the end of July. GO MARTIN! He wants to loose 30 more pounds. Not sure where that's going to come from but that is the weight doctors and nutritionist think someone his height should be.

I know if he's lost then so have I and that's enough for me right now. My clothes are loose and I'm very happy about that. I am trying to not buy new pants until I am two sizes smaller. I see no economic sense in buying new pants for every size so I (and probably you who have to see me) will have to deal with droopy drawers Sarah for another month or so.

My camera comes in today. Mother, you will soon be seeing random pictures on this blog and on your digital picture frame at home. Hopefully that brought a smile to your face (or maybe you are thinking - I'll believe it when I see it)!

My next post will hopefully have some good news about Martin and a job. We'll see! And I need to talk about me going back to school. I guess I just don't like a slow, boring life because Martin and I seem to run towards chaos. But being busy does one important thing: requires me to prioritize my time. I am more purposeful in spending time alone with me and God when I am busy. And this pours over to my time with Martin too. But that's another post.

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