Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Why Me and My Kindle are Breakin' Up

I have a strong affection for my little Kindle. I like reading it before I go to bed and I have a great Spurgeon devotion that I read (well, try to read) day and night. I have my ESV Study Bible on it - so I don't have to lug my Bible to church on Sunday. I have some great books and my oh so favorite Fortune magazine is delivered as soon as it's released. (I love Fortune magazine. - I devour every article, giggle at the geekiness of it, and read little blurbs to my husband - which I'm sure he LOVES.)

So why in the world am I breaking up with it? I'm not, exactly. I am keeping it for all I mentioned above. What I am quitting is having my devotions on it. I wish I could say that I've been doing my devotions (a.k.a reading my Bible, meditating on and memorizing Scripture) as well as I read Fortune but alas, something has happened and I am not. I guess you could say that I am looking at reading the written words of God like I read the rest of the Kindle's content, when I want and when it's convenient.

So, I'm dusting off my old MacArther NKJV study bible and heading back downstairs to my trusty devotion chair in the living room. It's what I work best with. And if it works then why fix it? I tried to upgrade and it works for things like Spurgeon and Fortune but not for the Bible, and I'm totally okay with that.

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Jack Klose said...

getting ready to buy one for me and kami and the girls...SHHHH!