Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Day 142 - Being Victorious

Lots going on in my pea brain this morning. Why I responded so poorly to trial yesterday. After having a morning in the Word and a lovely time with God why was my immediate response in trial to run around to everyone but God? I eventually readjusted my thinking and responses and took it to God. I often wonder what victorious living is like. What it actually looks like. When will I be there here on earth? Will I know when I am there? I'm not talking about a perfect Christian walk (a.k.a. heaven), but a moment by moment walk in sweet communion with God.

Then last night at Wal-Mart I was walking in or out of the store, I don't remember, and I looked up and saw the sky::: Blue and pink with white brushes of clouds and my heart automatically went to worship, not because God made it for me but for the simple yet complex idea that He made it! "That's it!" I thought. That is victorious living. Falling down (what seems like constantly) and allowing God to pick you up off the ground brush you off, and you worshiping Him, thinking of Him, talking with Him, being amazed by Him, growing in Him through His Word. That's it!

My brother Clint, his wife Becky, and their boys Billy and Spencer are coming to visit for a few days. We're headed to NYC, Ocean City and who knows where else. I'll try to have some pictures. I am terrible at remembering to take them (sorry mom).

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